Chat with ladyboys

Chat with ladyboys

Feeling in the need to chat with ladyboys? It’s not to hard in this day and age, now we have all these mobile devices you can jump on a location services app and be chatting away in a few minuets.  If your desires and cravings are more than that, you can see what each profile is looking for and hit them.

Most of the ladyboys i’ve chatted with a pretty easy going and their English has been pretty dam good too, so i’ve had no qualms at all and the communication has been pretty smooth flowing to get myself sorted on a date. That said tho i think  i was just lucky.

A few mates of mine have tried to chat with ladyboys and not gotten anywhere at all, maybe it’s because he’s not a great looking lad and he’s pretty skint too! So i’m sure they are just ignoring him.

The best place, apart from on the street i’ve found to chat with ladyboys in on the ladyboy app  ThaiJoop, this is totally free to download and they also have Thai girls on there, in-fact the app is a Thai dating app and they just have ladyboys in a different list on the app.

I’ve hooked up with various ladyboys (kathoeys) that are using the app and always had a good experience, so i thought i would wright this story and send it into Katheoys blog here.

How did my date go?

Well I arrived in Pattaya and found an advert for ThaiJoop and downloaded the app, there were a few lad boys on the app and ended up finding a couple of good bars to go to first. From there i meet up with Bee, from one of the famous bars on walking street.

We had a few drinks in her bar and then moved on to the insomnia club, which is just up the road and got totally hammered in there on a bottle of Black label.  We did not talk much in the club, it was just dancing and getting smashed.

Be came back to my place, which is a short ride away on the motorbike taxi and stayed over the night, we had a blast and chatted till nearly 7am in the morning on the balcony.

The whole deal was sealed and i had a fantastic first ladyboy experience. Bee came over for the next few days and showed me some other ladyboy bars around Pattaya. I was surprised how many ladyboys are in the Pattaya area and really enjoyed my few days there and had chatted with loads of ladyboys and got lots of phone numbers.

I wish i could share some more details of my experience, but a lot of it was in a drunken state and i’m a little bit shy to tell what i can remember. I do hope that i’ll be back to Thailand and especially Pattaya very soon and i can sort myself out with going on more ladyboy dates and get the guts to wright a much more detailed story.

Hope you guys find someone out there on the app to, like i did.

Yours… Mysterious Dave!

Chat With Ladyboys
Chat with ladyboys

Thai Ladyboy

Here is a Thai ladyboy that is online now on the app and waiting to hear form you, this little stunner is sadly 188KM away from me right now as i’m traveling around Thailand, but if your in Bangkok you should be able to hook up with this ladyboy, there are loads online right now in the free app so just download it and get chatting with some of these stunning ladyboys.

There are also some Philippines ladyboys that have popped up on the app and I don’t have any experience with the Philippines so maybe anyone out there can help with that. They should not be on the app i guess as it’s aimed at the Kathoeys from Thailand.

What do you think?
Thai Ladyboy
Thai Ladyboy online right now on the ThaiJoop – Ladyboy dating app
So you don't need to search any further as this is currently the only Kathoeys app in the app store right now and there are new ladyboys being added everyday so there is always something to chase in the app and have a bit of fun.
Thai Ladyboy
Ladyboy who’s online and this is their profile screen which you will see in the app with loads of fantastic Thai ladyboy’s online now.

Thai Ladyboys

How does it work?

If you have not used any location based services apps before for dating you’ll need to make sure when you install the app that you enable access to your location so the app can place you in the right place and find you the very nearest ladyboys to you, this is certainly going to be one of the fastest ways to meet ladyboys now when your in Thailand and you’ll have the access to ThaiJoop in your pocket all the time, saves lugging around a laptop looking at traditions ladyboy sites, which is a waste of time are so many are full of fake users to only get you to upgrade.

If any of you guys have any Thai ladyboy tales, I would love to hear from you and maybe we can post some stories or any replies here, cheers lads…


Thai ladyboy dating

Are you ready to do some Thai ladyboy dating?

Lets be hones they are pretty amazing creatures and if your looking for any sort of ladyboy then the Thai ladyboy is going to be one of the best looking out there and if your thinking of where you can find Thai ladyboys, well in this day and age it’s easy enough to find them online . Yea there are loads of websites out there you can try and reach out to them, but they don’t always jump online right away, so what’s the answer?

Download the free Thai ladyboy dating app

Once you download the app you can simply select your gender and what your seeking and of course select “ladyboy” and then you can find the nearest ladyboys to you, this app works best if your actually in Thailand already as there will not be many ladyboys in many other countries, that said i’ve seen some of course online out of Thailand, but not that many so don’t expect to see that.

Any tips on Thai ladyboy dating?

I would recommend that you don’t date a kathoey from a bar as this will only end badly, your going to be best if you really want to do Thai ladyboy dating to actually find one that has a normal job and it willing to take on a longer term relationship, rather than just work in the bar for sex. Any of the ladyboys on the app could be from any background so it’s up to you to find out what they do for a living and how they currently support themselves and what they are looking for in a partner.

There are more ladyboy activities going on around in Thailand and if your new to this you can take a look at some of the most famous ladyboy shows in Thailand called tiffanies, this is a great show if you have not been and a must to go and visit, fantastic entertainment.

Thai Ladyboys

Meet Ladyboys Now

Are you interested in meeting ladyboy aka Kathoey? Then look no further you can find ladyboys online now that are waiting to Chat, meet or date.

Download the one and only ladyboy app from the app store for free

Meet Ladyboys Now

What is a Kathoey?

So what is a Kathoey?

A Kathoey or also know as katoey (incorrect spelling) is a transgender, ladyboy or male-to-female person in the country of Thailand and the term Kathoey is the Thai saying in their language.

Many of the Kathoeys that are around Thailand and work in either bars on normal places or work and there is not the discrimination that you would probably get in other countries as The Kathoey are seen as the 3rd gender in Thailand.

There are many Kathoey’s that will struggle to maintain a normal living with a normal acceptable job as many of them succumb to working in the bars and then can slip into prostitution and prostitution in Thailand is illegal.

There are some of the Kathoey’s that have undergone the sex operations and these are know as post op Kathoey and you guessed it the ones that have not had the sex change operation are called pre op.

There are many inaccurate reports on the internet about the Kathoey’s and here is one for example:

“Although the Kathoey do face some stigma and bureaucratic hurdles in Thailand — they are also a normal and visible part of society.Certainly, career prejudice is a lingering problem: one Thai teachers' college, for instance, refuses to enroll a Kathoey.”

This is not a true statement as some colleges and universities have even installed a 3rd gender toilet specifically for the Kathoey, it’s outrageous that people from other countries that do not understand a Kathoey, comment on things they don’t know about.

These amazing creatures are to be seen all around Thailand and there are many dedicated shows that you can watch that are truly amazing. If your ever coming to Thailand I would highly recommend that you go to one of these shows, the most popular show is called Tiffanies.

If you have something to add about a Kathoey experience, leave a reply for us…..

Asian ladyboy, free ladyboy dating, Thai ladyboy

Finding the right Asian ladyboy to date is never simple, we can connect you with a free ladyboy dating app for Asian ladyboy and Thai Ladyboy

if your in search for a ladyboy, no matter how hard you try you’ll there are on occasion that you’ll feel it’s impossible to find an Asian ladyboy and especially online where you can ask some questions first. Finding the right Asian ladyboy,

You no longer have to search for something special out there or through your friends, you can do it now using a free ladyboy dating app, so if your ready to jump into trying an app out there that is designed to help you meet Asian ladyboys or Thai ladyboys then you have come to the right place.

With the app on your phone in your pocket this gives you the freedom to take advantage of being available to get messages at anytime and not stuck to a desk on a desktop computer using an online dating site which are pretty much now obsolete, apps on your mobile that’s in your pocket are the way to go.

Asian ladyboy, free ladyboy dating, Thai ladyboy

Using an app has much more benefits that using a website and apps are now a much better concept as you can also hide certain information and locations and of course you don’t have to have your full contacts, addresses and surnames up there so this provides a simple layer of anonymity. The free ladyboy dating app will connect you quickly and securely to find an Asian ladyboy and then as you build up the trust you can then reveal more information as you wish, which is under your control.

It’s important that you stay secure when using an app too and use your common sense to not just give out too much information to quickly, there is a block option on the app so anyone that might be annoying you, asking for money or is a scam you can quickly block them.

Just before you go and download the free ladyboy dating app you need to know a few more things that might help you on any Asian ladyboy, Free ladyboy dating, Thai ladyboy experience.

  • Make sure you don’t go in too half heart idly as not all dates are 100% successful and some of the Asian ladyboys you meet will not be up to your expectations so it would also be prudent to do some of your own research on this.
  • Before you go on any date and lets say you were taking out a Asian ladyboy or Thai ladyboy it would be good for your self confidence to go and buy yourself some new clothes and boost your self confidence.
  • Before you even go on a date you’ll need to decide the real reasons your wanting to go and do some Asian ladyboy, Free ladyboy dating, Thai ladyboy dating and if your seeking one night stands or a ladyboy partner in life or maybe your just curious.
  • Another good confidence booster is hanging around with some of your friends before you jump into any date and if you like a drink, maybe get some dutch courage from a local watering hole and get yourself in a positive attitude.
  • Depending on what you are looking for on the date that should depend on where you would like to take your date, if your in for a one night stand and they are then a coffee shop is not going to be the best place, you’ll probably want to loosen up at a bar or club, but if your date is of the conservative type and your looking for a bit more than a one nighter then think about going somewhere to eat together, this could be simple and does not have to be flash or expensive.
  • Any date is meant to be an enjoyable experience so always bare that in mind and try and make the most of this, your first date is probably not going to be “the one” and you might have to go on a few dates before you find someone that you want to be with.

Download the free app for Asian ladyboy, Free ladyboy dating, Thai ladyboy

Kathoeys – Thai Ladyboys

Welcome to our site which is about Thai Ladyboys

Kathoey‘s or the miss-spelling katoeys are Thai Ladyboys and are known in Thailand as the third gender.
In Thailand’s modern culture Kathoey‘s are accepted by society.

If you like ladyboys you have arrived at the right place as we are going to be building out this blog with information about how to meet, chat up and date ladyboys.

There are many places around Thailand to pick up Kathoeys and some of the do work in decent places and are not just selling themselves in bars. So depending on what exactly your looking for, i’m hoping I can make this blog useful to you.

If you have any suggestions or want to be a guest writer, please feel free to contact me.